Our Details

We have many games to offer you, to keep you engaged, to take away all your worries. When you come to us, be assured of having a wonderful time. To make your experiences memorable and you time valuable, we have certain policies to be looked into.


please stay away. We are very much concerned about our customers’ safety and their experience with us. We will never withstand any types of cheating methods.


we hope you understand us. When there are crowd, it will take a little time to get the job done or to reply to you. Kindly give us the required little time; we will give you all that you need.

Help desk

we have a very good help desk that is well versed with details about everything we have to offer . They are at your help, anytime , kindly make use of them .

Floor managers

since our casinos are vast, we understand that it is very difficult to make through every time. We have managers who keep making rounds on the floor, to help you out with any problems. If you have query or any doubt, or feeling suspecting about any foul play, you can contact them.


please ensure that the person, who enters into playing zone, is age appropriate.

Payment modes

we take in all types of recognised payment options. Be it credit card, debit card, master card, VISA cards, all are accepted here. If you want to pay via online payments, we have options like PayPal, Ne teller. If you want to make online transfer from your account,
we do accept that.We understand that you are a little budget constrained, we have specific cards for you, to which you can load only the required money and you gamble only that. After which you exit out of the games.Overall, we leave no stone unturned to make you feel good,
to keep you overwhelmed. We always give our best, and try to match and exceed your expectations. We may request you to co-operate with us at times, to ensure smooth flow inside. With that, we can reach for the skies to get you stars.