Myths and facts of gambling

While many of us know many things about gambling, we are not sure if it’s the perfect truth or it’s just a word spread from the mouth, since years. There are lot of talks about gambling happening always, simply because even gambling is an active subject.

But, how far we know about it depends on how much interested are we. It isn’t necessary for all of us to know about gambling, but it really adds up to your IO. When you happen to be amongst few of those hype creating friends you may put your foot down and say your word. And you need not know the maths part of gambling to flaunt your IO. Just speaking skills should do the work for you.

Well, let’s not waste much time; let’s see the myths and facts, so that you can beat that friend of yours.

Myth: gambling brings double the money

Fact: much to the surprise and reality, gambling loses all that you have. Even if you have all the knowledge, your outcome can’t be predicted. Only if you are a genius and a millionaire both together, you have chances of making money. Otherwise, please try out some other jobs for you. There are so many better ways to make money, really. Just some hard work from your part will fetch you bucks in your hand.

Myth: knowledge about teams can make you a winner at betting

Fact: this stands true only in very normal conditions. There are several factors which affect the game and players. Like, weather conditions won’t support the play, the best team, or the player would be injured, or the team as a whole is in a bad shape. Just because there is strong good news about the team and you know it, doesn’t mean you can bet and you win. Everyone will have their rainy days.

Myth: the more you gamble proficient you become.

Fact: very very untrue. The more you gamble, the more you lose. Don’t be misled by such statements. The games are very well calculated to make the house a winner. If you lost the last 5 times, doesn’t mean it’s your chance to win. The games are very seducing; they give you an illusion of winning just then. But the fact is that, nobody can predict the outcome. Only in Blackjack, if you know the game very well, really well, you stand chance of winning and that too with a lesser house edge. Others please never burn your hands.

Myth: teenagers don’t gamble

Fact: there are evidences via surveys done, that one in 25 teenagers has gambling problems. They tend to gamble just like an adult. Now with too much of exposure, online gambling sites, they can give a fake ID, or even use their parent ID and gamble. You must be careful about them. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Myth: past results will help you

Fact: you are not in college, where reading the last 2 years papers will fetch you marks. This is gambling, chance games. You can’t say when your dice turns out in your favour or when it makes you fall fatal. Past results will NEVER help you in ANYWAY. So, don’t rely on this and lose your money. Past will never repeat, and even if it happens, it might take years.

Myth: lucky guys have a good chance

Fact: ah, this is another huge myth. Luck is important, but you yourself can’t say about your luck. Luck would have come to your rescue when you least expected. It doesn’t mean that you will have luck on your side every time, in that case there would be many millionaires around the world. Your luck doesn’t have any role in gambling.

Myth: if you are a video game player, you have more chances of winning at the VLT machines and other games.

Fact: video game is a game of skill. The more you play, better you become. You learn the techniques and tricks from this website http://www.paypalbingosites.net/ to play better the next time. But, VLT is a complete random game. You don’t have any influence on the outcome. Your winning can’t be assured based on your talent and skills.

Myth: well versed with game rules make you win

Fact: not at all! If you know the rules, you can play better. If you know the rule of roulette, does it mean you will surely win? No ways. Knowing the rules make you eligible to play, that is it. May be becoming an expert will help you, we said May be.